Paradigm Metamorphoses

Cultural Centar Rex

17. 04. 2012 20:00

Cultural Centre REX
16 Jevrejska Street, Belgrade

Tuesday, 17 April, 8 pm

Paradigm Metamorphoses
- a presentation of the works of art by the artist Alen Aligrudić based in Copenhagen, Denmark
Alen Aligrudić will introduce the Belgrade audience to the works created in Denmark, where he lives and works, as well as those conceived whenever, in a constantly repeated pattern, he returns to and travels through the countries of the former Yugoslavia.
In his works, such as a series of photographs Greetings from Yugoslavia 2003-2009, Alan dissects the post-world in a psychoanalytical manner, showing the repercussions on the human psyche, using the metaphor of a lost country. While his earlier works directly reflected the themes related to a location, combined with a significant measure of subjective impressions, his more recent creations focus on the topic of the ex-YU region that the artist is very familiar with, reflecting on the global phenomenon of a post-communist society struggling to define a new identity, on the one hand, and the increasing distance, on the other.
At the same time, Alan will showcase two of his works that reflect the society he lives in, the expectations from that society and his analytical approach to the similarities and differences that that are, primarily, manifested in the human nature, regardless of the location. In the first work, Alan uses proverbs and the other was inspired by the possibilities offered by the photographic medium, but eventually took the form of a multimedia project, carried out in collaboration with the writer, Rafael Garido and sound artist, Kristoffer J. Rosing-Schow.
Alen Aligrudić was born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina where he completed primary school, graduating from a secondary school in Podgorica, Montenegro. He has a B.A. from the Film and TV School the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and a master's degree from Det Fynske Kunstakademi, Odense. His works have been recently exhibited at MOCA Roskilde, kunsthale Brandts, Odense, Denmark, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Nordlicht Odense Photo Triennal held in the museum of photography. He is preparing a solo exhibition at the Odense Museum of Photography, New Nordic Photography - Hasselblad fellowship, New Danish Photography, Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen.
The artist's website:
The presentation of Alen Aligrudić's work in Belgrade is part of the Biro Beograd (Belgrade Bureau) programme carried out in collaboration with Cultural Centre REX, as part of the BLOK 70 residency programme that has recently been launched as the first residency in New Belgrade about New Belgrade, intended for artists and cultural and political workers. Event moderator: Vladan Jeremić.